IMPORTANT! Mariana Flores Melo: Tips to Make the Right Decisions

My purpose is to teach you to communicate with total sincerity with yourself, deactivating inner bad conceptions and limiting beliefs.

What I intend, above all, is that your relevant decisions follow your own voice this time, and no one else’s.

For this, I will propose a few keys that will make you reflect and begin to discern the path you choose to take.

Find out your reasons. Discover the deeper “for what” of your project. What made you do it?

Discover your true foundations and do not distract yourself with urgent but less important things. This will help you not to distract yourself with trifles from day to day and always respect your highest priorities.

Modern young fashion designer

Relentless honesty with yourself. Have the courage to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You do not have to share it with anyone, but tell yourself things as they are, without lies or “half truths”.

With this, I also mean that you tackle those things in which you prefer not to think because you do not know how to solve or because they make you feel bad. Face absolutely everything, without excuses. Self-deception is the best way to not find real solutions and not advance at a good pace.

Take Responsibility if you learn to tell the whole truth, you will not be able to avoid distinguishing what is in your hand from what is not. When you detect things that are in your hand change, stop making excuses, and look guilty out. When you truly grasp your responsibility, it will be much easier for you to make the right decisions to make things right.

Do it before, after and during each decision. Get ahead of the facts and keep in mind before making your decisions so you have everything in mind. But if there are consequences that you did not count on, take responsibility too, stop looking for guilty, solve it and learn from it.

Remember your motives and your responsibility for your life and take the firm determination to persevere despite the obstacles; To learn from each difficulty and to come out strengthened from each fall.



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