[Mariana Flores Melo]: Tips for Women who Support Entrepreneurship

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women VC Hidden Figures

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women VC Hidden Figures

Since the movie premiere of Hidden Figures, women of all corners of the world are talking about it. Entrepreneurs, executives, business developers, and inspirational women in all areas identify with the characters.

It is a fact that all women in the world have been through moments of segregation and sexism, it´s not a lie to anyone the gender problems around the globe, in some countries more than others. For this reason, the movie has caused a tremendous receptivity, it shows us how women have been facing all their circumstances and gaining spaces year by year.

The main lesson of this movie for women is to not to be afraid of being the first one in everything you are willing to work for. Entrepreneur women have a double challenge, to develop a new service or product and also to promote it as a woman, maybe being the first female in that area is going to happen. Even though we are always talking about the modern times we are living in, we still have a lot of new paths to open.

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women and Entrepreneurship

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women and Entrepreneurship

The film teaches us to solve the disadvantages presented to us along the way with a lot of humor, it is well known that through the complaint and frustration goals are not achieved, the characters on the film always maintained a solid emotionality without falling into conflicts. The best
way to show that women are ready to take on any job is simply to do it.

Also, you can learn from this movie to visualize your dreams in your mind before working on achieving them. There is a phrase that some characters used that supports this: “In my mind, I am already there”. Referring to how they already think this first man was traveling to space before really making it happen. It is a really fundamental the way you think and the way you visualize yourself before undertake.

By [Mariana Flores Melo].



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