[Mariana Flores Melo]: Tips for Coaches

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Entrepreneur

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Entrepreneur

Every time you can see there is more and more coaches on the market, we believe this boom is a consequence of the world dynamic changing, people look for ways of organizing to deal with work, social skills, family and many more things that concern us diary.

Because of our sense of nurturing and maternity instinctive, the world of coaches is full of successful women, who we want to give some advice to continue positively on this road.

One of the biggest pitfalls of female entrepreneurs delivering services, such as coaches, therapists, professionals or independent consultants, is changing their hours for money. 

It seems to be the most logical, from a work point of view, but it is not if you want to transform the service that you passionate into a solid business where you receive money through multiple routes, without becoming a slave to it.

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women entrepreneur

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women entrepreneur

We have seen that the vast majority of women who start their own businesses as coaches and consultants give their services on an hourly basis because they simply do not know other options, it is natural to assume that:

• When I sell my services, I sell my time.
• When my clients pay me, they buy my time.
• To earn more, I should only sell more time (work longer hours!).

If you are doing it this way, you must renew your mindset about how you deliver your services and replace the three previous assumptions.

The secret is to sell packages of services that offer a series of attractive benefits for your customers that will give them the results they seek, not just a number of hours of your services.

In addition, you can leverage your time by serving small groups instead of working one-on-one, with high-level, Platinum-type programs, or with memberships in which you deliver your knowledge and experiences to a large group of people in return for a Monthly fee.

By [Mariana Flores Melo].



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