[Mariana Flores Melo]: Women Entrepreneur Blooming

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Hillary Clinton

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Hillary Clinton

This is a new era for women to make an impact, in our opinion, in all the corners of the world. Since centuries ago, we have been winning spaces to develop and improve our knowledge in all areas. Nowadays, it is really common to find couples working together for the same cause or mission. We can name the most important women today:

  • Michelle Obama
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Melinda Gates

Even though these ladies are married to famous and important men in different types of industries, they are doing their job too. Not only, by the side of their husbands. They are building their own careers and making decisions for new paths.

Quoting the African proverb “When you educate a man you educate an individual, when you educate a woman, you educate a generation”. It is well known, that women get more involved in philanthropic activities and can be more influential in creating awareness for different causes, involving human rights and similar movements. They are better raising donations and are turning really influential in the political scenario. The nature state of motherhood gives them the capacity and ability to care and nurture the society spontaneously. Generally, they embrace their mission with the heart.

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Angelina Jolie

[Mariana Flores Melo]: Angelina Jolie

The word entrepreneurship between women started no more than ten years ago. It spread really fast last five years. The explanation is really simple, women with power empowered other women. They learned through the time to grow as a group. It is a fact, the emerging of a significant number of organizations, foundations, companies to create spaces for the promotion of business and education for women. There are thousands of organizations, we can name a few, in our opinion, are really important and world recognized:

You help them to achieve their dreams through specific goals. The second one, Adelante Movement, help Hispanic women who moved to other countries like the US or European countries to make an impact in their new homes.

If women continue to grow together and learn to improve the networking, surely our girls will have a strong and remarkable legacy to still working in.

By [Mariana Flores Melo].



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