[Mariana Flores Melo] Entrepreneurship for women: What you should know

Maybe you are a little bit afraid of starting your business because you do not really know if you should actually do it but let’s say something; businesses require you to stop thinking like that!

When you are an entrepreneur, you will need a lot more of efforts that when you are just being a customer or worker and that is something that you should remember. For example, women who are into entrepreneurship and have made it to the top consider that it is important to take fearlessness as something to be practiced and made a habit. The reason? You would be going something that would help you in the sense of being braver while getting important money for your own life. This may be something that you don’t like to hear at the beginning because almost no one likes the idea of risking their money but let’s be also honest, you will not get to the top without failing!


Risks, yes, that word which is hated by almost everyone and it is totally normal because when you have to take risks in terms of money, you automatically feel like if your belongings were being robbed but let’s also say that it is not true at all. It is important that you learn how to get a better financial education which almost no one has in our days. If you have a better financial education, then you will know better what you should do with the money you have in your wallet and bank. This is necessary to understand as a woman who wants to become an entrepreneurs because sometimes women are contaminated with toxic habits such as going to the mall to watch and watch stuff they do not really need and this may be hard to say but it is important to admit one’s mistakes in order to actually get better. Critics can hurt but of they are seen on the bright side, the consequences are surely better!

Mariana Flores - Women who go far

Mariana Flores – Women who go far

Women can enjoy the entrepreneurship voyage and best wishes for you!

-Mariana Flores Melo



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