[Mariana Flores Melo] Entrepreneurship and Women

Today, women are definitely into learning about entrepreneurship in our days and yes, they can totally enjoy this topic while men do as well.

Why women are needed in the world of entrepreneurship? This is a good question that many people should be able to newer because there is actually no reason why they should not!

Imagine if more women join to the world of entrepreneurship. More people around the word will see that there is only something needed to be able to be successful entrepreneurs and that is: will force!

Mariana Flores - Who said women couldn't succeed?

Mariana Flores – Who said women couldn’t succeed?

That is something that should be considered because today entrepreneurs are very motivated but are they really willing to keep in the long term? It is nice to know that in the present more and more women are joining to entrepreneurship but it is really important that if you are one of those you remember that it is not only about having a nice necktie and a suit. This is something that can require you lots of practices and its o that you can dare to defy the uncertain.

It may be something easy to say that you want to be an entrepreneur but t is important to stay realistic and being able to improve in terms of what you can know about it. If you want to be a woman who would become great entrepreneurs you have to understand that many people will have a cultural impact because of not being used to it. However, that is the part when you enter and keep improving so that you can become an entrepreneur who can say “I’m female”.

Mariana Flores - Successful Entrepreneurs Women

Mariana Flores – Successful Entrepreneurs Women

Entrepreneurship should be reached by women also because it is a synonym of independence from men so also society can see that there should not be any stigma of a woman ironing the clothes and there should not be anyone saying that women cannot make it because they totally can. So if you are into learning bout entrepreneurship and getting involved with it as you are also a woman, welcome! The challenge has just started and best success for you and congrats for your bravery!

 -Mariana Flores Melo



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