[Mariana Flores Melo] Britney Spears: a businesswoman

Britney Spears: Despite the bad things

Britney Spears is an American singer that was considered worldwide as a Pop Princess, and that was admired for hundred of young women around the world for many years. She was the perfect example at the beginning of the millennium of how should be a virtuous young girl.

She was pretty, she was talented, she was rich, she was blond, she had a good body, and she was virgin. Many people talked about Britney Spears’ virginity. However, nobody should do it. She, as everybody, needed privacy. But no one  cared about her privacy and made her feel very uncomfortable about her life and she made very bad decisions in her life, just for the pressure she received in those years.

Mariana Flores Melo - Britney Spears

Britney Spears promoting her lingerie line Intimate Collection at CentrO Oberhausen shopping mall. Featuring: Britney Spears Where: Oberhausen, Germany When: 25 Sep 2014 Credit: Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.com

A bad relationship:

When she got married to Kevin Federline, a male dancer from her work team, everybody was in shock. It was something surprising, but she seemed to be happy, or at least she was for a couple of years.

Nevertheless, the story between them wasn’t perfect; in fact, it was turning in a really bad situation because when they broke up, Britney lost her mind and did some actions that gave her a bad reputation. For example:

  • Break the windows of her ex’s car.
  • Shave her head.
  • Driving with her son sitting in her legs
  • Dancing in a big show without previous practicing
  • Go to a party without underwear and that paparazzi notice it
Mariana Flores Melo - Britney Spears

Mariana Flores Melo – Business woman

And many other things that maybe for a woman that isn’t a celebrity, those things would be normal; in her case, she just bottomed.

Nowadays, she is completely recovered and still being a big and popular celebrity that works hard for her fans. She is also a mom of two boys and she does whatever thing for her sons, as a responsible mother. She continues singing and having her businesses regarding clothes and perfumes; she is a singer, an actress, and a businesswoman.

  • Mariana Flores Melo


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