Entrepreneurial Women’s thoughts: Who’s that sexy over there?

mariana-flores-success All women should think every day, every morning when they wake up that they’re sensational and they shouldn’t conform to stupid men, or bad relationships, or a bad job, or something that is not completely good for her. Women should think everyday that they deserve better and that they are going to work for achieving that goal: having a better life.

Having a husband:

But don’t be confused, by this we aren’t saying that you woman look for a husband right away! We are telling you that you must be focused in the things that you like the most for your life, like studying something interesting for you and prepared yourself for any kind of situations that could make you improve and could make feel better about yourself. If you like numbers and math, study something related to administrations or accountancy, or who knows something like that. If you like to rule, prepare for being a good manager and having your own company. We’re just saying that you need to get on track and do the things that could bring you to success.

Positive thoughts:

mariana-flores-inspirational-quotes-for-women-entrepreneursIf you like arts don’t be just painter that make some spots on the canvas, try to do something important with that. Try to negotiate with people about your work. Be entrepreneur, have your own company.  Have positive thoughts about what you’re doing because if your really know that you’re doing your best, nothing could stop you and nothing could avoid you to reach the success you’ve always wanted.

Think that you need to work for yourself, and don’t be depressed for not having a couple right now, because let’s face it, women are usually depressed for not having man in their lives, but it is important that you realize that nothing is perfect; nothing last for ever, EVEN ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAD PITT ARE GETTING DIVORCED. So, what could you expect for the rest?

Think about this:

  • You’re sexy.
  • You’re successful
  • Everybody must show you respect!


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