Dear future husband: What a man should know about future wife

mariana-flores-abusive_husbands   Women deserve better, and men should know it. Women are that person that you need because they are usually warmed and kind, and if some of them aren’t like that, it is because of some situations of their lives and probably men are involved, obviously men from their past. So, what are you going to do for impress her and make her feel better or make her think differently about men?

Ask this question to yourself: DO YOU LOVE HER? DO YOU WANT TO MARRY HER?  If you do so, then you need to understand this:

  • You’ll never hurt her.
  • You’ll never try to make her fell bad for anything.
  • You’ll always be sincere with her.
  • You’ll never be a cheater.
  • You’re going to cook every Sunday.
  • You are not going to let her all the responsibility for the kids.
  • You’re going to love her no matter what.

mariana-flores-agressive-husband These things are important for you to understand them well, because in that way you will feel that she is going to reattribute all the nice things you’re doing for her. However, there are men that prefer to punch her in the face or cheat on her, or even kill her. Experts says that aggressive men don’t show their real personality until is too late. So, for that reason, women should be aware of everything that happens with their men and try to figure if that man is the right one for each of them.

No woman wants to have a husband who is disrespectful or who is aggressive and hurt her physically just because. But, some of them are weak, and prefer to have someone like that instead of running away.

You, woman, need to ask to yourself if that man is the perfect one for you!



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