We don’t talk anymore: What do women after a break up?

When people put an end in a relationship, it is because of many reasons and of course there are some consequences like having a heart broken, all the regrets, and children without a normal life. We’re talking about children that have a life split in two because their divorced parents try to get their attention in the best way they can, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

mariana-flores-women-broken-heart     Yes, it is too obvious that children get hurt and their parents cannot do anything to avoid that. But, do you think that staying together just for the kids it’s better than getting a divorce? Experts say that is better try to find a solution before taking a risky decision like that, because would be life changing, and not all the time is the best choice. However, if the relationship doesn’t work, and you as parents cannot stand your partner and you feel that you hate him or you hate her, or maybe you just aren’t in love anymore and you feel miserable with that person, maybe in that case you could think in separate yourself from this kind of toxic relationship.

How people face this situation?

mariana-flores-women-single-after-divorce     Every culture is different from the rest, but there are some common things that could help us to understand how women and men face a brake up. Let’s focus on women. According to some sources, women usually do this:

  • Cry and eat a lot of ice cream, or chocolate, or some kind of candy bar (and probably they get fat, but just for a short time)
  • Drink a lot of alcohol.
  • Meet some girlfriends and talk (sometimes too much) about that man (or woman, depending of her choices) and they look for some kind of advice that could make them feel relaxed, or starting some kind of unburden process in their minds and hearts.
  • Many women prefer to have a lot of sex with whoever men they find
  • Some women prefer to work out and have a sexy body.
  • Others prefer to get completely involve with the kids or their jobs.

It’s difficult to say what the best option to choose is for these women, because everybody is different including men, and something could be helpful for you, but not for others.

At the end, you only have to stay calm and maintain your mind occupied with something (good) and you probably will be better.





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