Hillary Clinton for President: “Yes, I am better than this”

mariana-flores-hc Hillary Clinton as we know her today is a clever woman that decided to be outstanding no matter what. She studied at college and had her bachelor degree and work very hard for the things that she believed, because she wanted to help people; she wanted to help women and little kids and all the rest who try to have a good life in this Earth. She knew Bill Clinton when they were in college but they got married after a long time of being in their relationship.

mariana-flores-hillary-clinton-and-bill-clintonBill Clinton asked her to marry him and she refused it at first, but then, after she lived her life as an independed woman, and having success with her job, she thought she needed him and missed him, so she went back to him and they finally did it, they got married.

She tried to be that woman who is helping her man in every little detail, and being worried for him but not annoying; they were in love, and she did everything for him and always believed in him, she trusted him… Until people find out he was a cheater, and he lied to her.    

A cheater husband:

mariana-flores-monica-lewinsky  When Hillary Clinton knew the truth, she was certainly devastated, according to the news, but she didn’t let that this affect her for ever. She moved on, and she gave another opportunity to this marriage. What would you do in this situation? Could you forgive him? Would you trust him again? Would you give him another chance?

Clinton for President:

mariana-flores-readyforhrc     You, and only you know what is best for you, and certainly Hillary Clinton knew it, because at the end, no matter how thing went in those years, she became a strong woman that nowadays is trying to get the presidency of the United States, and would be the first time in which this powerful country has a woman as a president. What do you think? Would you let a woman run the world? Women already do it (according to some people) but having the presidency of the United States would be a dream made come true. And probably would be something that could help everybody. So, let’s wait for the best.



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