Ideal love: Getting married before your 20’s?

mariana-flores-marriedWhat happens when a woman falls in love? What happens when a girl believes that she found the one?  What happens when she looks into her boyfriend’s eyes or perhaps that special man for her, no matter if he isn’t her couple yet. (We’re going to be very specific on this) she sees only perfection?

She prefers to eat, to sleep, to do everything with his company; she wants him by her side all the time, because she cannot breathe without knowing if he is alright and if their love could survive in front of difficulties or whatever situation that could break their hearts. But she knows that if he loves her so much, she could even fly in the blue sky thanks to his wins.

Being madly in love (a women perspective):

mariana-flores-men-who-kill-their-wivesHaving a love for an entire life could be something very good for people, and for women specially, but we know as a society that is changing all the time and now it is changing faster than a couple of years before, that we’re kind of lost in our way trying to look for love, for that feeling that makes us happy and weak, or sad and anxious at the same time, because (or women know) that having a person who support you in good and bad times is just priceless.

Sometimes women know that they could do better with the options they chose at first, but every of these women knows that the person they care about is just perfect for them (do they?). And they give all their love and effort to build that relationship. However, if that man isn’t the one, what could happen to her? Will she refuse to live her life with an awful man that hurts her in many ways?

Love or just loneliness?

mariana-flores-wivesMen use to say that women are so emotional and that it is impossible for them to control their feelings and emotions in any time, and that characteristic could has a certain kind of truth inside, because according to history, women could have wrong decisions in their lives like having a man who actually doesn’t love her, or a husband who cheats on her, and many other things. Is that loneliness? Maybe.

We could only say that if you’re women and you’re reading this, please, think before you do something not so smart like getting married before you turn 20! You will thank us. Guaranteed.



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