When a woman decides to go further and stop being weak

mariana-flores-a-woman-acting-childishWhen a woman decides that something is over, it’s over. They need a time to realize what is better for them and if a man doesn’t fix in their plans, most women nowadays decide to say good bye for good to that relationship. And shouldn’t be like that all the time?

However, society has taught women that they should continue working in their marriage or any kind of relationship even if it’s toxic, because at the end, the only thing that society sees is that she’s having a “happy” life with the husband she chose and she has to keep trying no matter what.

Being together for the kids:

mariana-flores-couple-bedMany women decide to continue in a relationship because of their children and they aren’t happy about it, but they keep trying because they want that their children have a father in their lives; these women want to give them a role model, without seeing that these kinds of actions could be worse than not having anything.

Women try to do their best, but sometimes they’re wrong with their choices, and their kids just learn what they see every day at home; and that could be:

  • A father beating their moms
  • A mom, trying to get money for bringing some kind of food to the table
  • A mom giving money to their dads because that man doesn’t work at all
  •  A mom who pretends that they (if these kids are boys) become good men in the future

Wrong ideas that these women don’t know how to handle, but there’s hope in the world; there are some women that don’t want to be the perfect wife, the perfect fiancé, or the perfect daughter. These women want to be different, and they want to be strong, and they probably let know to their men they have the control, because they aren’t there for entertainment. They are here in this world for being respected and for being successful.

That thought should have it all women that in this moment are crying for a man or for any little thing. You, woman, need to grow up!



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