Stupid Girls: Go to collage or just wait for their prince charming?

Have you thought that every gender has their rules and characteristics that society has settled for them and that everyone has the obligation of accepting as it was written on stone? Have you thought that little girls are taught to act in some way and perfectly?

mariana-flores-fancy-things        Women that were raised to be little princess become adults who don’t know (many of the cases) how to react in front of some difficulties or some problematic situation in their lives, and you could wonder, how come?

There are a lot of women that know or believe as a fact that they shouldn’t work as hard as men, because they could get anything with their beauty. So, they are prepared for getting married some day and have a husband that could buy all the fancy things these women want.

Playing with dolls:

Usually these women play with dolls (Barbies, baby dolls, houses, little kitchens, and little homes) that helped them to build up an ideal of what should be a woman; and we wonder: should women be only housewives? Should they be only moms? Should they be prepared for a life full of luxuries and jewelry? We know that not all women have a rich family that could afford all their whims and all their fantasies; so the rest of them, the entire female world have to be satisfied with the little details, and little things.

mariana-flores-rich-girlsBut we aren’t saying that let a girl play with dolls when she is young is wrong or completely wrong; in fact, experts say that is better to motivate girls with different kind of games that could feed their brains in a good way. Parents should motivate their little girls to have ambitions in life, to achieve goals, like:

  • Having a bachelor’s degree, and of course continue to increase their education.
  • Having a job that they really like
  • Earn money with their effort

Many things that they could have in their lives, and that always could be better than just having a rich husband, and waiting for his economical support.



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