Good Girls Go Bad: aggressive female characters on the screen

mariana-flores-black-swanThroughout history women have been taught to be good and to have perfect performance when they’re in front of who ever person. They have to be good, they have to be perfect. But what happens when their minds start to break down? What happens when they need to be free but society doesn’t aloud them to be as they want to be?

In one hand we have women who were for their whole life, a perfect girl, a perfect student, a perfect girlfriend, a perfect daughter. And when they want to be free of everything that cut their wins in some way, they do it well when they decide to go somewhere else apart from their parents, and apart from any couple who wants to have them inside a psychological box. And they are finally free, having a good life, having a healthy life.

On the other hand, we have women who could get hurt because they are desperate for being free and they could do whatever thing in a way to achieve that goal, even kill a person.

Black Swan:

mariana-flores-black-swan-movie      Black Swan is a movie in which the main character is consumed by her life as a dancer, and she lives tortured because of her mom who pushed her to the limit. This girl played by Natalie Portman, loves the idea of being the best ballerina ever and she wanted to impress her mom and everybody, because she is constantly living under her mom’s pressure and at certain point hers too.

        She is ambitious and she want defeat her colleague being better, she wants to destroy anybody who is in her way. And everything gets a little crazy, because this character doesn’t know how to stop.

Could you imagine a situation like this in real life? A woman like this could easily kill a person, and we know that because we see in every day’ news how women are becoming more aggressive and needier for any kind of attention, no matter if it is good or wrong. So, let’s educate them as free citizens and free human beings.




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