Atlantis: women writers

mariana-flores-atlantis Atlantis, a surrealistic, imaginary, but also a mythological kingdom, that survives in people’s minds after of hundreds of years and after many thoughts that tried to keep it in the shadows for ever, but continues to be an important topic for writers around the world. But why Atlantis became that famous? The best answer to respond to that is simply because it was under water; it was an empire under the sea. So, were people there mermaids? Some people want to believe they were.

Meanwhile, other kinds thoughts about it try make us see Atlantis citizens as normal human beings that developed a special technology that kept them save under the sea. But more than that, it represents a world of different kinds of ideals of many people who were (and nowadays people who continues) trying to defend their point of view. This people:

  • See in this mythology of Atlantis a lost empire of smart people and a lost culture that could bring some kind of wisdom to this society.
  • It’s an empire with advance way of thinking.
  • It’s or it was or it could probably be (if you want to be realistic) a society with better things in their mind than bad criticisms.

mariana-flores-doris-lessing    There are a lot of theories but all of them have feed writers’ imagination in a way that they could crate thousands of stories for their audience. For example, there are these female writers called: Katherine Binhammer and Jeanne Wood that have this book: The search for the lost Atlantis, and they try to show to the readers how this mythological place represents the ideals of many women that throughout history were looking for their place in this society, and to be accepted. Could you imagine that? Most of the female writer had to change their names and to pretend to be men, in a way to help their written works to be published; and what happened when the writer was a black woman?

These women had to fight and believe that there was hope for them, that recognition for their work at the end was the only thing that matters. They believe, or they truly believe in Atlantis.




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