Cleopatra: In many ways “a successful woman”


A life full of luxuries

       Cleopatra was the youngest queen of Egypt but she wasn’t Egyptian, she came from a long a dynasty of Greek rulers in Egypt: the Ptolemy, and they were there for more than 100 years before Cleopatra was born, and that was around 69 B.C.

Mariana Flores Melo- Cleo

      Cleopatra is well known around the world because she was smart and incredible beautiful according to some historians, and of course because of her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. These two men were the love of her life, and the reason why she could remain with the power at least for more time than it was expected.

She had, as a princess and as queen, a life full of luxuries, but despite her sisters’ way of thinking she loved to be prepared and to have the knowledge required for having a good conversation with whoever person.

Talking to important people:

She was, as we said, a woman prepared enough to have a deep conversation with people that were important, especially men. She had, as it was denominated for some experts, a charm personality. In fact, some documentary sources say she was really ambitious, and she took every little chance to have more power, being careful in the process and having of course backup plans.

If she was really in love with Julius Caesar or with Mark Antony, it isn’t the real subject here. In front of her eyes, they were simply “the best way to achieve her goals”, and why not, they were strong and dominating men that felt for her, maybe it was there a real attraction by her side, but who knows.


Mariana Flores Melo-Cleopatra’s bust

She was smart and she had to be; she was the queen of Egypt and she understand the importance of having her Egyptian people’s trust; so, she learn how to read the ancient pharaoh writing: hieroglyphs. In that sense, you could say that she was entrepreneur because although it was ancient times, she was committed to be successful, and is an image of what women could do with their destiny.



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