Patricia Velasquez: a women entrepreneur

Mariana Flores-PV

Women who care about the welfare of others:
There are women that despite all the restrictions of society have been immersed in a major shift in thinking towards the feminine condition. It has been believed since years that women should stay at home and be the perfect wife and mother, and this we can blame the Victorian period. Women who were outstanding, even by mistake should not somehow show their skills and perhaps make fun of some gentleman.

Today there is still some discrepancy regarding to the income between a man and a woman, who should earn more? Many believe that men should earn more, and the fact that many women are enjoying the excellence of their intelligence and therefore earn more, has been seen as something illogical. But they continue having a sense of “motherhood” with others that they need to be sure about the welfare of many people.

Caribbean blood:
Mariana Flores- Venezuelan super model1
However women entrepreneurs who have decided to be independent and love success to the point that not only make productive money for the many investments made with their companies, they have also been women who not forget the less fortunate, trying to see the best way in which they could apply some method to help those most in need.
A case that could be mentioned is that of the Venezuelan Patricia Velasquez, a famous supermodel, actress, author, businesswoman, and also known for her social activism. Cares about the less fortunate as those indigenous peoples of Venezuela and is looking for better ways to support her people.
A person like she is considered by many as a role model and no wonder:

  • Creator of the Wayuu Taya Foundation
  • Rewarded by the UN for its social activism
  • Businesswoman and entrepreneur.

      She is the face that represents Venezuela in the world, and she is proud of every step taken and Venezuelans too.



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