Women in the business world

Mariana Flores Melo-money   “Women love money; women love to spend a lot of money” this is a kind of idea that many men have had in their minds for at least a great part of mankind history. So nowadays is something so natural that men believe that all women are superficial and only want the easiest way to get money. But is that true? Some experts could say yes. Women have learned to love money because they need it to make their lives easier; they certainly need it because they love to be practical.

When a woman have by her side a man who cares about her a lot and give her all the facilities to be comfortable and happy with her life with him, that could be considered probably like one of the best things she could get in her life. But don’t confuse yourself; women in this 21st century don’t look only for a man, who gives them money, they’re looking for improve themselves as human beings.

Mariana Flores Melo-Women-in-Tech-Put-Your-Money    They aren’t gold diggers; it is just that evolution has taught them that they need to be interested in a man who could provide them a good place for having family, etc. In that sense, women like:

Kris Jenner, etc.; are the kind of women that have their own business and have their own money, and they are or were married with powerful men of the showbiz. No matter what their business is, they’re successful. It could be in

  • Fashion,
  • Music,
  • Movies,
  • Having their own emporium on television,
  • Being a manager,

It could be everything they decide to be focused on. The thing is that they (women) need to be in control of everything and when they feel independent because they have money from their hard work, having a husband with money is just piece of cake. Don’t you think that money calls money?



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