Women and chocolate: making business

        Chocolate is delicious, everyone knows it; you have it in your mouth and you taste it until you finish with everything. That chocolate is so yummy that you cannot wait until the next melting piece of that lovely chocolate is in your tongue. You can describe it as the way you want to, but you have to admit that if chocolate is amazing with all its flavors because it makes you happy, and then consider how wonderful women are. They certainly are like chocolate, and not only black women, also whites: white chocolate.

Mariana Flores Melo- wellington-chocolate-factory

Women need to be seen as something beautiful that creates a world of sensations as chocolate does. In that sense, women around the world have made from something very tasty like chocolate, a great business in which they have received a lot of money to continue investing in what could make their world better. Could you imagine that women are so smart and passionate with everything they do in life that they turned chocolate in amazing way to earn money for their companies?

For example, this Peruvian woman: Elizabeth Gomez Flores, who made from her business an excellent way to do wonderful chocolates and create incredible brands in her country. How did she do it? She prepares herself with marketing classes to present her ideas to a group of businessmen and she obviously calls their attention. Every woman in all countries of the world could do that if they are focus.

  •      First of all, women that like to study and to improve their skills always get the best options for whatever they want to do.
  •      Second of all, if you’re a woman and you’re reading this and you’re worry about your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend because he didn’t call you anymore: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!! You deserve better! You can do everything you want to, but believe in yourself. Have you seen Taylor Swift and her boyfriends? She recovers every time, and she writes a new song with every brake up, and gets more famous than before. Learn from her, eat a chocolate when you’re sad, and write a song!

Finally, if you’re a woman you have to understand that you are like chocolate and it is always better when you are in good hands, and if you don’t find good hands to be carried, so think that your own hands are just enough!  The world is yours!







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