Cleopatra: In many ways “a successful woman”

  A life full of luxuries        Cleopatra was the youngest queen of Egypt but she wasn’t Egyptian, she came from a long a dynasty of Greek rulers in Egypt: the Ptolemy, and they were there for more than 100 years before Cleopatra was born, and that was around 69 B.C.       Cleopatra is well … Sigue leyendo Cleopatra: In many ways “a successful woman”


Patricia Velasquez: a women entrepreneur

Women who care about the welfare of others: There are women that despite all the restrictions of society have been immersed in a major shift in thinking towards the feminine condition. It has been believed since years that women should stay at home and be the perfect wife and mother, and this we can blame … Sigue leyendo Patricia Velasquez: a women entrepreneur