Tyra Banks: A role model

Tyra Banks is one of the better known super world models. Born in California in the 70s, this woman went to college, and eventually got her chance to start in the world of modeling. According to some sources, she was pretty insecure about their appearance, but their work realized she was lucky. However, when she was already well positioned in the showbiz, she did her thing for other young women for not being tortured by how they looked, but accept them as well, and the body they had.

Mariana Flores Melo -TYRA-BANKS-BEAUTY-QUOTESTyra Banks is the host of the popular TV show, which is recognized throughout the world. Who does not know about America’s Next Top Model? Indeed anyone. This program has been the gateway for many young models who wanted to succeed on the runway, and learn from the best: Tyra B.

Her management as a model and as a presenter, actress and as businesswoman is not in fact to make money, also is interested in helping others. She has foundations like:

  • Dream Foundation
  • Get Schooled Foundation
  • Yele Haiti Foundation

Mariana Flores Melo- tyra-banks-son-mom-mothers-day-2016-050816These are focus on helping children and their families, etc. As you see she went from being a supermodel to a role model, and it‘s obviously because of each performing charity work she has. And don’t you have seen it in every episode of Next Top Model? She is an inspiration to every aspiring to be a supermodel, but also she teaches them to be better people, to focus not only in beauty, but also to be focus in teamwork, to follow directions and more.

She has a very good life with her boyfriend Erik Asla, and they have a wonderful child together, what other thing she could ask to life?

Her work as a businesswoman, girlfriend and mother, has no end, and that’s why we admire her. Keep on it Tyra!



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