Shakira and her long work as an entrepreneur

  Starting a business is not easy, since success has many facets. You could not always reach the goal in a stipulated time; sometimes the desire to succeed remain in the imagination and is not necessarily intrinsic to the actions of those who say they want the beauty and satisfaction of greatness.

      Entrepreneurs, however, have much in their favor, because they see every sunrise as the perfect opportunity to make their small business grow. History has gotten many emprendeores men, but this text is not based on them, but rather women, who with twice the effort had to go ahead because their gender has made many of them neglected and not taken seriously. And unfortunately there are many who prefer the warmth of their home, with a husband to keep them financially and they remain forever in his shadow.
Still, fortunately, many other entrepreneurs have decided to go their way on their own, or not allow their partners make them feel less or believe that having someone on their side is a good reason or isn’t neccesary to fight for their welfare and for their ideals.

Mariana Flores Melo- Shakira

Shakira, Shakira:
Examples of women entrepreneurs there are plenty, just think for a moment in Oprah Winfrey, or Beyoncé, or Sofia Vergara, or the same Shakira; they who have been considered the most influential women in 2015 according to, and are celebrities who are in constant contact with your audience because they see that the fact isolated in their wealth, not good for business. And as you see Latin American are taking more power in the American and world stage.

    Shakira despite having a family with her partner, the famous soccer player Gerard Pique, is a focused woman attends her children and her man, but certainly not going to forget her career as a singer or as an entrepreneur. This Colombian girl is in fact a woman who since her childhood has worked to achieve their dreams in music, and since it is a recognized personality never ceases to amaze with their business proposals and for humanistic and philanthropic course. She and others in the middle, are the living example that you can not settle and do one thing, you must know other areas, and help those most in need.
Success has a definite recipe, success is a hard road, which passes with bare feet, enduring the heat of the earth and the stones that could be obstacles but if you learn from mistakes, you will see at the end of way a light that lights up your heart and allow the goodness of your actions are appreciated.



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