Victoria Beckham: entrepreneurial woman and a role model for young girls

As entrepreneurial woman, Victoria Beckham has it all. Former singer of a famous and well known girls’ band: Spice Girls, who doesn’t know about them? They were five women very talented and loved by many people around the world. They were beautiful and creative when they were on the stage. In one hand, they had the entire world on their feet and millions of fans, money and fame together. On the other hand, Victoria wanted more than that.

She knew and fell in love with this man named David Beckham, a famous soccer player and incredible handsome man. Who doesn’t know about him? Both had the true happiness in their hands and decided to build up an empire together, and especially Victoria understood that she needed to shine in other worlds besides music.

Mariana Flores Melo-david-beckham-victoria-beckham-nutcracker-instagram

She started being a famous singer in the Spice Girls, then she had a solo career, and then she found her real passion: Fashion. She was a top model and then she realized that she was very good as a designer and begun with sun glasses and then clothes, etc. Her name is everywhere and everybody knows her; she is definitely a role model for young girls nowadays and is a wife and a mom. It’s wonderful to see how great is Victoria and you may say she in Wonder woman, and sir, you are definitely right!


Spice Girls and a marriage:

Despite that she has been so famous she will always be remembered for having been part of the Spice Girls, and so will be for life since the group was a sensation at the time, and people say that for their 20th anniversary, Victoria would not participate in the reunion but we just have to wait to see what happens when finally 2017 comes.

Victoria and David celebrated a few days ago their 17 years of marriage and they look great in their photographs that appeared in their Instagram account.

Hopefully stay together for many years (despite their rumors of divorce …) they are a couple who we want to continue watching together in the future because they make us see that true love does exist!



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