Oprah Winfrey: Incredible Enterprising Woman

There are a lot of articles in magazines, journals, web sites, that talk about Oprah Winfrey, but are you sure you know enough about her? She is the leader of all women who have a business, she has it all. She is admired all over The United States and beyond.

She has it all.

According to About.com: “Born in a small town in Mississippi 1954 and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Oprah began her career in broadcasting at age 17…” Yes, she was a broadcasting pioneer; she definitely built an empire with her own hands.

Nowadays she is billionaire and is the great inspiration of young women who want to success in the men’s world. According to BIO:

“Winfrey, who became almost as well-known for her weight loss efforts as for her talk show, lost an estimated 90 pounds (dropping to her ideal weight of around 150 pounds) and competed in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., in 1995. In the wake of her highly publicized success, Winfrey’s personal chef, Rosie Daley, and trainer, Bob Greene, both published best-selling books.”

As you can see, everyone who was around her could make a fortune and still being that way. People know that all celebrities have to be in her talk show, because that could increase their popularity. Who doesn’t know who Oprah Winfrey is? Obviously, everybody knows who is her, or at least has an idea. For example, there is a song by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars called: Billionaire, in which they say: “…smile next to Oprah and the Queen…” and they refer to the Oprah’s Show. It just a song, but when you say: you want to be a billionaire and be near to Oprah, you know for sure that she is big celebrity, and all rich people know about her.

And she is only a woman with all the will to succeed, what are you waiting for do the same?

  You’re the next Oprah, everyone is going to love you; you only have to believe it. Start now to believe in yourself, start your own business, be your own boss, and you’ll see how well you do in life! 



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