Beyoncé and Shakira: Who Run The World? Girls!

“Who run the world?” This is a question that the famous American singer: Beyoncé asked to herself and to her fans in her song “Run the World…” She answered easily: Girls. In the lyrics of that song she says that all men will do anything for women, is that true? We’ve seen for thousands of years women taking care of their men, and we all know that behind a great man there is an excellent woman (in many cases, the best he could get ever), and today we are still the beloved and devoted wife, sister, and mother of the great and victorious man who comes home from war, while we expect him at home, safely. However, one question remains: Is that completely true?


Yes and no, because nowadays there are women who don’t care be the second in charged, but there are others who never accept the second place, and they are entrepreneur, beautiful, with a high self steam, completely secure and confident about themselves. These women have started their own businesses and they have succeeded reaching their goals. Awebusiness tells the story of many women entrepreneur and the way they have became powerful in a men’s World economy. This page on Internet shows how important women are to increase the economy of our societies.

All women have the potential to be leader, because they have magic in their ways and they could become angels or demons in hell, or maybe in wolves. Shakira, the Colombian singer proves that artists could have all the phases he or she wants to have. Many people criticized her for the “She Wolf” song, but she didn’t care and today she is richer, and could get to other kind of public. Even so, that song hide a great truth: Girls could have fun the way they want and when they want, no matter what people say.

Shakira and Beyoncé, these two women are entrepreneur, wonderful artists, and of course both have as couples the greatest men; so you may say: they run their world, and you can do it as well in your world. Just do it!



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