Miranda Priestly: A powerful and Entrepreneurial Woman

Women are the most beautiful creature in the world. They have all the tools to make surrender everybody in their way. Women have, as everyone has seen throughout history, the power and the intelligence to determinate how they could get whatever they want for them and for others around them.

Mariana Flores Melo - MIRANDA

 Nowadays it is wonderful to see that despite the oppression against women, they have achieved that men respect them as equals. In policy, in economy, in all the subjects you can imagine, you are going to find a woman working for being better than her colleagues at work; and that is not a surprise, because a woman could be so competitive that could become as evil as the devil in hell. Sound funny, doesn’t it? However, it is true that all women since they are young have the need of competition, rather if is against men or against others of their own gender. A great example of that would be the film: Devil Wears Prada. Movie in which the character Miranda Priestly played by the famous actress Meryl Streep,  is in fact, the personification of evil at work; but she has to be that way, because the responsibility of having excellent results at the end of the day are hers. She is the big boss, too demanding with her employees but, she’s of course, the best in her area: fashion. Miranda Priestly is just one example of being successful, powerful and entrepreneur.

Fearless and Entrepreneurial Women

But what is entrepreneur? According to the National Women’s History Museum, it refers to a woman who is independent and starts a business for her own. There are many women entrepreneurs throughout history, especially American’s, who represent the very foundations of American economy. In a recent data you can find the name of Martha Stuart as the owner of a great number of US firms, and that’s amazing!

Many women in America and beyond the continent are taking the control of their lives. Let’s talk in that case about show business:

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Jennifer López
  • Kim Kardashian

These are or were wives of others famous men but they shine indeed by themselves. They live under the spotlight, and they try to make business for their own, and to have their own money besides their husbands. They are talented and good as anyone in their careers.

Females who don’t care about people’s opinion, or society’s opinion, they are only focus in be better than the day before, every day. And you, girl? You who are reading these words, what are you waiting for? The whole world is yours.



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