Beyoncé and Jessica Alba: Entrepreneur and Beautiful

How many times parents say to their daughters that they have to behave as princess? It is an interesting question, but maybe nowadays girls aren’t princess no more. Perhaps the answer is yes, because you can watch on TV female characters with that way of thinking and as an audience you might think that there are women who see themselves as princess and people around her have to be their servants. Are these women or just little girls?

A real woman works and fights for her rights, for having her own money, to obtain all the studies that could help her to maintain the control of her life: having the job she wants, to earn a lot of money, even to have the man of her dreams, but more important than that: start her own business.

A woman entrepreneur is someone who has all the intentions of being her own boss, and manages her own schedule; according to Fortune in its top ten of 2012, about the most powerful women entrepreneur, almost all of these women are graduated from collage and were so ambitious that they begun to think in their future and worked so hard that today they feel satisfied with their lives. All of them are beautiful and smart, and rich. For the record, Jessica Alba is in this list.

Determination and Music:  

Nowadays, a woman who is the favorite of hundreds of men and women as well is definitely Beyoncé, she is married to Jay-Z, both are singers and interested in make businesses in Hollywood. Beyoncé doesn’t need the husband’s money because she has earned a fortune with her singer career, etc. She is only a little example of being smart, entrepreneur and beautiful.

Women throughout history have developed a sense of determination, and comprehension of  their role in life, and they now know that they aren’t  just wives, or just mothers, they are human beings with hopes and dreams such as being a leader, become presidents, work at men’s jobs and make sure they could do whatever they want. There are several examples of women in history who rich their goals; and you?  What are you waiting for becoming one of them?



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